The Swing

the Swing has swung Back Into Action!

2015 Swing date is Feb 21, 7pm – 11pm

Chapel Hill High Gymnasium

1709 High School Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Thanks to all that are making this community event possible to the over 400 (yes 400) participants!

In addition to a wonderful performance by the Swing Band Orchestra, there are swing dance lessons so you can do more than just tap your toes.

Thanks to the Auction Committee for going from 0-60 in no time AND to a handful of families canvassing our community businesses.  If you know of businesses that would benefit from some additional promotion, send them our way!

Tickets can be purchased from any band student.


The CHHS Swing Orchestra hard at work…

The Swing Orchestra is working hard to get those chops ready for over 3 hours of LIVE music on 3/8!